Accu Spina Chicago, IL

What can I expect with Accu Spina treatment In Chicago, IL

The results that we can achieve in our office are impressive. Check out the benefits after a few sessions working with us:

  1. Pain Relief after just a couple of sessions. 

    <img src = “spinal.jpg”/> alt = “Close up of a spine with the discs highlighted”/>

    Close up of a spine with the discs highlighted

  2. Shrinkage of herniated discs
  3. Fewer incidents of back pain and debilitation
  4. Return to an active lifestyle
  5. Increased Mobilization
  6. Quicker Return to work

Accu Spina Chicago, IL is a great new state of the art technology to treat herniated discs, bulging discs, sciatica, and other spinal degenerative conditions in the cervical and lumbar spine. The treatment is fully computer-directed, so the treatment regimen can be executed in the exact same manner that traditional physical therapy can not achieve.

Accu Spina Chicago, IL, uses a primary waveform that is directed to a specific dysfunctional spinal segment. The waveform is directed to the vertebrae and used for mobilization. The waveform may also be used to mobilize the facet joints, strengthen the lumbar spine, relieve pressure on a nerve, decompress a disc, and promote the influx of oxygen, blood flow, and nutrients into the affected area. Accu Spina Chicago, IL, is a highly sophisticated, cleared medical device that works with absolute precision to target specific segments of the spine for a more effective treatment.

What are some of the benefits of Accu Spina Chicago, IL

  1. No Surgery is involved.
  2. No Drugs are involved.
  3. Medical Procedure is non-invasive.
  4. Treatment is completed in 1-3 months.
  5. Unlike Surgery, no recovery time is needed.
  6. The cost of treatment is minimal as compared to surgery.
  7. Treatments are not only safe and painless but comfortable and relaxing as well.
  8. Non-strenuous work can continue during the treatment regimen.

Discover how Dr. Michael Taylor, DC, and his team use Accu Spina Chicago, IL, to help patients with their neck or back pain.