How to find a back pain doctor Chicago, IL trusts

Back Pain Doctor Chicago, IL

Chiropractic treatment provided by a back pain doctor Chicago, Illinois families trust is one of the safest non-invasive and drug-free treatments which are available for issues involving the musculoskeletal system. Any risks that may be associated with chiropractic treatment is minimal, especially compared with other types of medical procedures.

Many patients report immediate relief after a chiropractic adjustment treatment with a Chicago, IL back pain doctor. Some patients do say that they sometimes experience mild soreness, aching, or some stiffness. These are similar to the same type of mild discomfort some people feel after exercising. These discomforts are usually gone within a day following the treatment.

A Chicago, IL back pain doctor will use cervical manipulation for certain types of headaches and neck pain. Cervical manipulation improves the mobility of joints in the neck, as well as reduce muscle spasms, and helping to restore the patient’s range of motion. This also helps relieve tension and pressure in this area. Cervical manipulation (also referred to as neck manipulation) is a very safe procedure when it is performed by a chiropractor, who has received years of training and education.

There have been reports regarding cervical manipulation and one type of very rare stroke. Further research has indicated that this type of stroke takes place in patients who have a pre-existing disease of the arteries. These rare strokes frequently occur when the person turns their head as they are performing an everyday activity, such as driving. People who have this condition often suffer from headaches or neck pain for which they seek out the help of a chiropractor. The back pain doctor in Chicago, IL, will perform cervical manipulation, and the person suffers the stroke. It is essential to realize that it was the pre-existing disease of the artery that caused the stroke and not the chiropractic treatment. It is also important to note that this condition is infrequent, only occurring in one out of every 100,000 patients.

For the most part, the risks of chiropractic treatments are just as favorable, if not more favorable, than standard medical treatment for the same conditions. For example, there are very low complication risks from spinal manipulations for the treatment of headache or neck pain. One of the most common medical treatments for these issues is prescription or over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and prescription painkillers. However, studies show that these routine medical treatments have higher risks than chiropractic adjustments.

NSAIDs present three times the risk to patients in causing severe gastrointestinal issues, including perforation and bleeding. For adults 60 years or older, that chances jump to five times more likely to develop these dangerous conditions.

Prescription painkillers have an even more alarming risk rate associated with them. The number of prescriptions for narcotics, such as oxycodone, has tripled in the past decade, causing a tragic opioid epidemic in this country. Opioids are responsible for approximately 15,000 deaths each year, more than heroin and cocaine combined.

Chicago, IL back pain doctors do not prescribe these dangerous medications and instead offer patients better and safer options. Back doctors in Chicago, IL, treat the issue to eliminate the pain, while medical treatments that involve painkillers as part of their treatment are only temporarily masking the pain. Still, they do not treat the underlying cause of the pain.


If you, a friend or a loved one is suffering needlessly from back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, or nerve pain, look to find the best back pain doctor Chicago, IL relies on. At Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, we are up to date with the most scientific research on back pain and we have spent countless hours evaluating all the different treatment options available to the back pain doctor in Chicago, IL.

Back pain doctors in Chicago, IL, are from various backgrounds.  Chiropractic Physicians evaluate and treat conditions of the spine through a drug-less, physical approach to resolve back pain. Orthopedic physicians will typically use medication and or injections to the lower back to attempt to relieve back pain. Pain management physicians will use injections to attempt to get rid of lower back pain. Neurosurgeons will use spinal surgery to try to resolve your back pain.

A Chicago IL, back pain doctor wants to do a thorough consultation to determine the exact cause of your back pain. The cause of your back pain can come from many different sources. It may be from a motor vehicle accident, workplace injury, sports-related injury, or injury around the home. Many of our patients have found that their lower back pain has gradually come on over a period of time and that there was no exact cause of the lower back pain. The back pain doctor should be able to determine the extent of the damage to the lower back from the consultation.

After a thorough consultation, the back pain doctor in Chicago, IL, will perform a thorough evaluation of your condition. Some typical evaluation procedures will include a range of motion, specific orthopedic tests, muscle strength testing, reflexes, and neurological testing. Some back pain doctors in Chicago, IL, will recommend some additional diagnostic studies such as an X-ray or MRI study of the lower back to evaluate the discs or shock absorbers of the lower back.

Once a thorough consultation and examination are performed, the back pain doctor in Chicago, IL, should sit down and discuss their findings and provide treatment options.

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What to Anticipate During a Chiropractic Exam

The experience of visiting a chiropractor is comparable to seeing other healthcare providers, but it is essential to note the distinct differences. A chiropractor focuses more on how the human body is interconnected, and encouraging the body to heal itself by aligning the spine and other joints through adjustments. The chiropractic approach is known for being a significant potential alternative to invasive procedures, along with not using medications as the primary source to treat aches and discomforts.


A chiropractor at Taylor Rehabilitation & Wellness Center has been dedicated to providing patients with relief of symptoms for many years. At our clinic, we believe that every person deserves to live their life without being bogged down by physical pain and limitations. We can create a treatment plan that targets the real root of the problem.


The Physical Exam

A chiropractor at Taylor Rehabilitation & Wellness Center is likely to begin the appointment by doing a physical exam, then asking about current and past medical history. Depending on the area of complaint, the chiropractor may start there or perform an adjustment of the spinal column first. The spine is the central component of the human body, and many symptoms can stem from misalignments. The physical evaluation may consist of several assessments, including palpation, reflex, motion tests, and muscle strength.


Creating a Treatment Plan

After a consultation and physical exam, a personalized treatment plan can be created for each patient, depending on his or her unique needs. When establishing a treatment plan, a chiropractor at Taylor Rehabilitation & Wellness Center is probably going to factor in the severity of the injury, the patient’s overall health, a spine condition, and what the patient hopes to achieve from chiropractics. Many patients want relief of pain, limitations, or discomfort. Others may want to get involved with chiropractic as a form of preventative care.


Spinal or Joint Adjustments

As the central part of treatment, patients receive adjustments of the spine or other joints, which are causing pain or discomfort. During a chiropractic adjustment, a chiropractor applies controlled force and direction at specific joints. Areas that may be manipulated can include the spine, ankles, elbows, neck, shoulders, knees, and more. The focus is to bring the body back into proper alignment, so all functions and systems can operate at their optimal level.


Methods to Accompany Treatments

In addition to routine spinal and joint adjustments, a chiropractor at Taylor Rehabilitation & Wellness Center may suggest trying massage therapy, stress-reduction techniques, laser therapy, and lifestyle changes to obtain the overall wellness you imagine. A chiropractor can talk with you more in-depth about what these methods entail and whether they could boost your healing and recovery.


New patients receive a free consultation and evaluation, so please contact us to book your appointment with a chiropractor at Taylor Rehabilitation & Wellness Center. We want all prospective patients to know that you do not have to accept your pain and discomfort and that you can find more joy in life by reducing the intensity of your current symptoms. Let us help you heal.