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Are you suffering from pain and looking for a chiropractor Chicago, IL citizens trust? Have you tried numerous treatment options, but to no avail? Concerned, you will live on pain medication for the rest of your life? Chiropractors at Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center are all too familiar with these common concerns brought to them by prospective patients. We can help you by complimenting your existing treatment and working with your care providers to provide you with the most comprehensive care possible. Suffering from pain is no joke. It can have an impact on nearly every aspect of your life.

Additionally, you will also find information below on how a chiropractor in Chicago, IL, can help you boost your immune system. Unsure of whether a chiropractor may be right for you? Here are common signs that a visit to a chiropractor serving Chicago, IL may be in the cards for you:

Sign #1 You Are Suffering From Chronic Back Pain

Unbearable upper or lower back pain that seems to come with no relief may be a sign you should seek a chiropractor in Chicago, IL. Some may not even realize the vast number of benefits to seeing a chiropractor. If you have already tried managing your pain with medication and even surgery, a chiropractor may be able to help. Consulting with a Chicago, IL chiropractor is vital in determining if this form of treatment is right for you.

Sign #2 Pain In Your Joints and Muscles

Regular adjustments from a chiropractor in Chicago, IL can help to increase the blood flow to your joints and muscles. It can be an effective way of managing pain that you may be experiencing. Sometimes, when a body is misaligned, the body may experience pain as a result. Through spinal manipulations administered by a chiropractor, Chicago patients may experience a reduction in pain and a greater range of motion.

Sign #3 You Were in an Accident

Whether you slipped and fell or were injured in a car accident, when your body has undergone some form of trauma, pain is a common symptom. A Chicago chiropractor can be a vital addition to the medical care you are receiving in healing from your injuries. Chiropractors will look to treat the symptoms as well as determine other underlying sources that may be causing problems to provide you with lasting relief. 

Sign #4 You Suffer from Headaches

There may be several reasons you are suffering from headaches. When tension builds in the joints, specifically in the neck, a headache or migraine may follow. Not only are headaches incredibly painful, but they can also make it difficult to function in the usual way. A chiropractor Chicago, IL patients count on may help you find a solution to the headaches you are suffering from. Treatment may include not only adjustments to the body but also recommendations regarding lifestyle changes. Seek our neck pain doctor in Chicago that provides lasting results. 

Sign #5 You Have a Job That Requires You to Sit for Long Periods

Sedentary jobs that include typing on a computer or sitting at a desk practicing poor ergonomic habits can cause severe problems with your body. As a result, your posture may be impacted, resulting in added stress to the back and neck. Not taking action may cause further problems to develop over time. Seeking treatment from a chiropractor in Chicago may be the best chance at mitigating the problem.

Pain can feel endless, especially if you feel as though you have tried everything. The reality is, some of the most invasive surgeries and treatments may provide you with little relief. Our practice can offer a holistic approach to treating your ailments. Contact Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center to schedule a consultation with a chiropractor Chicago, IL citizens’ trust today! For more information on how a Chicago, Illinois chiropractor can help boost your immune system, keep reading!

Frequently Asked Questions on Chiropractic Care and the Immune System

Throughout the year, many people may endure colds, allergies, flu, and other illnesses that the immune system couldn’t fight off on its own. A person may even be suffering from a condition where their immune system does not work in the way it is supposed to, either by being overactive or also attacking its body system.

It may come as a surprise to find out that receiving chiropractic adjustments can help boost the immune system so that we can stay as happy and healthy as possible. Chiropractic services can be an excellent approach for those who want an alternative way to improve their body’s overall functioning.

Q: What is the immune system exactly?

A: The immune system is comprised of white blood cells, proteins, tissues, and organs. The primary role of this system is to fight against infectious organisms that may try to invade and wreak havoc on the body. These could be organisms that trigger sneezes, allergic reactions, coughing, stomach upset, body aches, high temperature, and more.

Q: What problems may someone have with his/her immune system?

A: For some people, their immune systems may not work to the fullest capacity due to autoimmune disorders (the system attacks itself), cancer, allergic disorder (overactive response to an allergen), or an immunodeficiency disorder. When people think about approaches to treating immune system disorders, their first thought may not be to contact a chiropractor. Chiropractors are commonly seen as doctors who can treat neck and back pain. However, adjustments can offer so much more than that. The spinal column is the central core of our body, so when something is not in alignment, it can hinder other systems from working correctly.

Q: What is the conventional treatment for immune system issues?

A: Medications are often used to aid symptoms associated with immune system disorders. In conventional medicine, there may not be many options other than prescriptions. However, these medications can come along with side effects that are uncomfortable and persistent. Chiropractic care, when combined with nutritional counseling, can have a positive impact on a person who suffers from the common cold, flu, allergies, or even immune system disorders. If you feel like your immune system is weaker than others, you know, it may be time to consult with a chiropractor. Chicago can be a tough place to live with the extreme weather changes, don’t let it get the best of you. 

Q: How can chiropractic help treat immune system problems?

A: A significant cause for immune system problems stems from subluxations, where the nerve pathways are compressed. Chiropractors can use various spinal manipulation strategies to help alleviate this constriction. In return, it can aid in boosting the immune system so it can work as it was designed.

Q: How many adjustments may I need before I see results?

A: Everybody system is different, so not all treatment plans will be the same. Depending on the illness or condition, the person may need additional or fewer adjustments. Our chiropractor can talk with you more about your health, and how spinal adjustments may improve your immune system challenges.

Chiropractic Care for Babies

One of the most exciting times in a person’s life is when their child is born. During the happiness and much-anticipated wait for your child to be born, your first thought might not be, “How are her joints?” or “Was her spine injured during the birthing process?” However, it is crucial to consider the answers to these questions for a myriad of reasons related to your baby’s health and development. Depending on how your baby was affected during the birthing process, he or she may benefit from a consultation with a chiropractor in Chicago, Illinois.  

Because there are many strains and pains exerted on babies when they are entering the world, the chiropractors at Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center are dedicated to helping them adjust to life in the best way possible. If some symptoms are left unaddressed, your baby’s birth trauma could continue to impact their physical health as they continue to develop, leading to other health challenges later in life. The Chicago, IL chiropractors at Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center are available to walk you through the steps of chiropractic care for babies and help you understand how birth traumas can be treated early on.

What causes trauma at birth?

To better understand how our team can help your growing family, it is first imperative that you know some of the factors that can cause birth trauma. These include:

  •      Umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck
  •      Cesarean delivery of a baby
  •      The inability for the cervix to dilate
  •      Excessively long labor
  •      Very short labor
  •      Vacuum extraction
  •      Pulling of the baby’s head during delivery

Due to challenging birth scenarios, damage to the baby’s spine can occur. Such damage can affect a whole host of other symptoms. Because the first year of a baby’s life is a critical year for neurological development, if the baby gets some nerve dysfunction from delivery, you must treat it right away. Seeking the guidance of a chiropractor in Chicago, IL, may benefit your baby if he or she sustained any nerve dysfunction as a result of a challenging birth. Nerve dysfunction can take on the form of:

  •      Difficulty sleeping
  •      Issues with balance and coordination
  •      Irritability
  •      Delayed development
  •      Trouble breathing

When you have your baby treated by a chiropractor in Chicago, IL, he or she may experience many benefits, including soothing colic symptoms, enhancing the immune system, treating ear infections, and helping support their physical development.

Next steps

When we treat your child, we know that this will affect your whole family. The care of your child is of the utmost importance to our chiropractor, which is why we go to great lengths to determine and implement the best form of treatment for each baby’s unique situation. Our team at Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center has treated babies with birth trauma issues for many years, and we are dedicated to helping improve our infant patients’ quality of living.

If you have any questions about our pediatric chiropractic treatment or would like to call our office to schedule your first appointment, please connect with our Chicago, IL chiropractor, at your earliest possible convenience.

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