If you suffer from consistent lower back pain, know that you are not alone. 40% of all people in Chicago can expect to get sciatica at least once in their life. It feels like back pain, but the discomfort is more concentrated on the lower back and spreads to the hips and legs. Your feet also regularly get numb and tingly. The good news is that you can find faster relief with sciatica treatment in Chicago at Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center. There are many effective nonmedical and non-surgical sciatica treatment options to explore.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is pain that moves along the path of the sciatic nerve. The condition is often lumped with other back pain complications, but it is a little different. The pain is usually localized to one area of the body and may be felt in the lower back region and down to the legs.

Sciatica stems from a pinched or compressed sciatic nerve. The latter refers to two pinkie-sized nerves that run from your lower lumbar spine through the buttocks to the end of the legs and feet.

The discomfort starts when a spinal bone presses against part of the sciatic nerve. The compression could be from a herniated disc, a fractured disc, or the effects of spinal stenosis. There are other factors that can cause your sciatic nerve to be inflamed but these are the most common. What happens next is pain, inflammation, and numbness that arise due to the interfered signal transmission function of the sciatic nerve.

What are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

man sitting on stool with leg painOne major sign you can expect to see if you have sciatica is pain that originates from your lower back that can also include your buttock and back or side of the leg. The pain can be mild or sharp and it can be a slight burning sensation to excruciating and unbearable. Often, sitting too much can make the pain worse.

Other Symptoms of Sciatica Include:

  • Constant pain in the lower back
  • Muscle weakness or numbness within the affected leg or foot
  • Burning or tingling sensation in the leg

What are the Causes of Sciatica?

As mentioned before, the leading cause for sciatica is a herniated spinal disk. Other causes and risk factors include:

  • Lumbar spinal stenosis –compression of the spinal canals located in the lower back
  • Dislocated vertebra or Spondylolisthesis
  • Muscle spasms in the back
  • Age-related consequences that lead to herniated disks and spinal stenosis
  • Excess body weight—this puts too much pressure on the lower back’s spinal bones leading to sciatica
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • A sedentary lifestyle or sitting too much

Why You Should Seek Sciatica Treatment in Chicago

Some patients may recover from sciatica without treatment, but if left untreated, the condition could lead to permanent nerve damage. Closely monitor your condition and seek treatment if the pain becomes unbearable or if you lose feeling in the affected leg or lose bowel and bladder function.

Sciatica Treatment Under Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care for sciatica in Chicago is gentle, nonmedical, and non-surgical.  Our treatment options can help overcome the pain, weakness, and numbness in your lower back and extremities in a short amount of time. Chiropractic therapy has often proven effective because it tackles the underlying causative factors for sciatica.

How Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica Works

Chiropractors understand the fine details about your spine and the entire musculoskeletal structure of your body. Sciatic nerve pain is one of the many health issues that our chiropractor and wellness specialists can help treat, using evidence-based manual spinal adjustment, massage therapy, and spinal decompression.

The Diagnosis Stagedoctor analysis of back problems

Our chiropractor, Dr. Taylor, will first seek to understand your clinical history to find out the cause and source of the pain. He will ask you questions pertaining to your lifestyle and pain history and conduct a physical exam. He may also order an X-ray, CT, or MRI scan of your lower back. The comprehensive testing helps to pinpoint the exact cause of the nerve pain and contraindications for chiropractic adjustments.

Spinal Manipulation

Our chiropractic doctor uses his hands to apply controlled rapid movement to your spinal joint to correct a dislocated or herniated disc. The technique can either be sudden force or minimal gentle pressure. Manual chiropractic adjustments reduce the pressure applied on your sciatic nerve by the lower back vertebrae.

The treatment not only lessens pain but also restores the signal relay function of the sciatic nerve. What this means is the numbness feeling will fade, and you will be able to move with ease. This treatment is without the risks associated with sciatica surgery, such as blood clots, infections, and heart attacks.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression therapy addresses the pressure exerted on your sciatic nerve by the vertebrae of your lower back. Many of our patients in Chicago have found relief with spinal decompression sciatica treatment at Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center.

The process involves stretching your spine using a motorized traction table. The goal of spinal decompression is to restore natural alignment to your spinal vertebrae and reduce the vertebral pressure on the spinal canals and nerve passageways.

Spinal decompression is the answer to herniated discs. The therapy pulls the herniated disc back in place and frees the passage of the sciatica nerves in the spinal canals in the lower lumbar region. The result is pain relief and restored feeling and motion to your extremities.

Massage Therapy for Sciatica Treatment

Even medical doctors will advise cold therapy before exploring medical and surgical treatment for your condition. Chiropractors know how to use ice therapy to effect immediate pain relief and improve mobility. The cold/ice therapy helps to relieve inflammation and is applied for up to 7 days and should be accompanied by massage therapy.

Massage therapy with cold therapy works better at pain relief compared to pain medication. The treatment also promotes relaxation and addresses the psychological effects of the condition. The therapies put your body on a path of expedited self-healing.

Recent studies show that after receiving massage therapy, patients with lower back pain and sciatica reported diminished pain and improved range of motion. The non-pharmacological intervention can, therefore, be effective for immediate sciatica relief for patients in Chicago.

Unlike with pharmaceuticals, there are no side effects to cold compression and massage therapy. There is no risk of addiction to opioid pain medications and the pain relief can be long term.

Laser Therapy

Another chiropractic approach to sciatica is laser therapy muscle stimulation. This healing technique utilizes beams of light that penetrate the tissues to stimulate your muscles. The treatment helps in pain relief and restores muscular function to the affected areas.

Class 4 laser therapy is safe (FDA approved) and gentle. This sciatica treatment approach is also noninvasive and pain-free. Patients can expect to find relief from inflammation and reduce their pain levels. The resultant increased blood flow and the stimulation of the cells give your body a head start in the healing process.

man suffering from sciatica painUnlike pain medication, laser therapy for sciatica does not mask the pain—the treatment effects healing by reducing inflammation and exciting tissue repair in the affected area. You will be able to go back to healthy living on the same day.

You Can Find Relief From Sciatica Right Now

At Taylor Rehabilitation & Wellness Center in Chicago, we provide extensive and proven non-surgical and nonmedical sciatica treatment approaches. Our chiropractic services are based on scientific evidence and are customized to specific patient needs. State-of-the-art medical technology and an expert team of health professionals are in your court. Contact us to set an appointment or schedule an appointment online through our scheduling tool.