Getting Massage Therapy in Chicago

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, 67 percent of people receive a massage for different medical reasons but mainly for pain or stress. However, each year, more people look for massages due to the benefits they provide. Some insurance companies are including massage sessions as part of their coverage. 

Massage therapy is considered a mainstream option and a type of treatment where a certified medical professional and therapist manipulates the soft tissues of your body, including muscles, tendons, connective tissue, and more. Massage therapy consists mainly of manual hand on techniques, like applying fixed and adjustable pressure to your muscles and body tissues. Sometimes the therapist may also use his forearms and elbows, and different massage techniques depending on your symptoms and the cause of them.

Below are 23 benefits massage therapy provides:

  1. It reduces stress
  2. It reduces anxiety
  3. It reduces muscle tension
  4. It treats insomnia
  5. It relieves tension, migraine, and headaches
  6. It can improve circulation
  7. It helps strengthen the body’s immune system
  8. It improves posture
  9. It increases the range of motion
  10. It can lower blood pressure
  11. It relieves joint pain
  12. It promotes relaxation
  13. It reduces chronic back pain and neck pain
  14. It reduces prenatal discomfort
  15. It relieves muscle tension
  16. It helps with injury recovery
  17. It’s a fibromyalgia treatment
  18. It can help with cancer symptom reduction
  19. Enhances athletic performance
  20. Relieves arthritis pain
  21. It can help restore proper use of insulin and lower inflammation for diabetics
  22. It improves flexibility
  23. It improves ADHD

We are one of the best places to get massage therapy in Chicago, at the Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center we have some of the best-licensed massage therapists in the area, who have been practicing massage therapy for over 19 years. Our massage therapists are dedicated to helping patients feel more relaxed and will provide as much information as possible during your session. 

And if the cause of your symptoms requires other treatments aside from massage therapy, at the center, we have a wide range of also non-invasive and drug-free options, like chiropractic care, laser therapy, and spinal decompression.