LaserLikeLipo Treatment Services

There are times when more effort isn’t the solution to your problems. For some people, no amount of group classes, cardio, strength training, or weight loss aids can completely remove certain fat deposits throughout the body.

When struggling to lose those last few pounds, surgical interventions like liposuction might sound like the answer. However, these invasive procedures can leave you with soreness, bruising, and physical limitations for days after the work is done. Instead of enjoying your new body, you could find yourself confined to your bed. red light bulb in a dark room

LaserLikeLipo Treatment is a non-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction. Patients can shed unwanted fat from hips, thighs, bellies, and other parts of the body with no pain or downtime. This high-tech invention uses red and near-infrared light to break down fat cells inside the body. Natural body processes harmlessly flush excess fat out, leaving you with a slimmer profile and no pain. Talk to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Dr. Taylor’s chiropractic office in Chicago to find out how these treatments can improve your appearance.

LaserLikeLipo Treatment: Safe, Gentle, Effective

Pure light is the mechanism that makes LaserLikeLipo Treatment work. Though most of the light spectrum is invisible to the human eye, there are wavelengths that can still be harnessed and used to affect the body. Red light waves are warm and energetic beams that stimulate cellular growth. LaserLikeLipo leverages this ability to help Dr. Taylor’s patients uncover their best body possible.

Taylor Rehabilitation & Wellness Center uses red and near-infrared light to penetrate deep beneath layers of soft tissue with incisions. These specific wavelengths trigger cellular processes that cause fat cells to break apart, releasing their stores of unused energy. The released fat flows into the bloodstream, where it is digested and removed by natural processes. Each 20-minute treatment slowly dissolves layers of built-up fat deposits without irritation or the need for invasive procedures. Instead of risky medical procedures that require intensive recovery time, patients experience warmth, relaxation, and real results.

LaserLikeLipo is an effective and pain-free way to sculpt your body. Talk to Dr. Taylor and his staff to find out how these treatments can supplement your weight loss efforts.

Beyond Weight Loss: The Many Benefits of LaserLikeLipo Treatment

Red light therapy is used in a variety of modern medical cosmetic applications. Red and near-infrared light encourage cells to grow and regenerate. These wavelengths also stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, two hormones that are vital ingredients for healthy and attractive skin. half of a woman's face with smooth skin

While the soothing warmth works to rid your body of excess fat, it also positively impacts other cells in the treatment area. After treatment, many patients notice:

  • Smoother skin with less wrinkles.
  • Firmer skin around the treatment area.
  • Reduction in stretch marks, lesions, and scarring.

Your LaserLikeLipo regimen doesn’t just help you lose weight. These total-body beauty treatments can improve your overall look from the inside out. This treatment can help you address many of your cosmetic concerns. Dr. Taylor and his team can show you how to incorporate red light therapy into your beauty routine for clearer, smoother, and more attractive skin.

Customized Treatment Protocols to Support Your Goals

LaserLikeLipo Treatment is delivered using soft, flexible pads that wrap securely around any body part. This allows the red light to be directed only to the areas that you want to treat. Dr. Taylor and his team of technicians can help you create a treatment program customized to your goals.

These versatile treatments work well for:

  • Patients with existing health issues that make invasive measures like liposuction unnecessarily dangerous.
  • Busy adults who don’t have time to recuperate from elective surgeries or who can’t devote hours at a time to treatment.
  • People who want to improve the condition of their skin along with their waistline.
  • Those who want to get rid of loose, sagging skin after major weight loss.

From professional bodybuilders preparing for a show to new mothers who want to regain their self-esteem, LaserLikeLipo Treatment from Taylor Rehabilitation & Wellness Center is the perfect addition to your personal beauty regimen. Contact Dr. Taylor’s staff to schedule a consultation where you can learn more about this potent technology, get a better understanding of your potential results, and start mapping out the roadway to your best body ever.