Shoulder Pain Doctor In Chicago, IL

Shoulder pain doctor Chicago, ILShoulder pain can be one of the most debilitating causes of pain for anyone. Shoulder pain can affect people of all ages from the athlete to the weekend warrior to the elderly. If you, a friend or a loved one is suffering from shoulder pain, look to find a top shoulder pain doctor Chicago, IL trusts. At Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, Dr. Taylor has been treating multiple different shoulder pain conditions for the past 19 years. Dr. Taylor spends countless hours evaluating all the different treatment options available to the shoulder pain doctor in Chicago, IL. Dr. Taylor does his best to provide the information to the general public and his patients in an easy to understand format.

First a foremost, a proper diagnosis of your shoulder pain needs to be made by shoulder pain doctor Chicago, IL. Without establishing the proper diagnosis, a proper treatment plan cannot be prescribed. The major cause of your shoulder pain is often discovered during the initial consultation. The shoulder pain doctor Chicago, IL want to do a thorough consultation to determine the exact cause of your shoulder pain. The root cause of your shoulder pain comes from many possible sources and age, sitting and exercise habits can certainly play a factor in your shoulder pain.

After a through consultation, the shoulder pain doctor in Chicago, IL will perform a thorough evaluation of your condition. Some typical evaluation procedures will include walking or gait analysis, range of motion, specific orthopedic tests, muscle strength testing of your legs, reflexes and neurological testing. Some shoulder pain doctors Chicago, IL will recommend some additional diagnostic studies such as X-ray or MRI study of the shoulder to evaluate for tears in the rotator cuff of impingement of the shoulder.

A different shoulder pain doctor in Chicago, IL will treat the same diagnosis differently than other doctors. The approaches for treating shoulder pain vary greatly from one shoulder pain doctor to the next. Some shoulder pain doctors will prescribe exercise therapy. Other shoulder pain doctor will prescribe taping or bracing. Some shoulder pain doctors will want to perform injections while others will want to do different types of surgeries. At Taylor Rehabilitation we use state of the art rehabilitation programs along with medical devices to reduce your shoulder pain and help to increase your function.

Are you are looking for the best shoulder pain doctor in Chicago, IL? No doctor can or should make the statement that he/she is the best shoulder pain doctor Chicago, IL turns to. The term “best” is highly subjective. However, Michael Taylor, DC has been practicing in Chicago, IL for the past 19+ years. We have treated patients from every walk of life and hundreds to thousands of knees over that time period with a non-drug, non-surgical approach. Is Dr. Taylor and his staff the best shoulder pain doctor in Chicago, IL? That is for you to decide! But check out our page and learn more about who we are.

Don’t let yourself, friend or family member suffer unnecessarily and get the shoulder pain relief they need. Taylor Rehabilitation offers state of the art services that are of the cutting edge of pain relief. From your initial consultation to final evaluation, Dr. Taylor and his skilled team will provide you with the results that you deserve! Contact us today as your shoulder pain doctor Chicago, IL relies on to see how we can best help you and your condition!