Learn About Vevazz Chicago, IL Patients Appreciate

Vevazz Chicago, IL

Residents are raving about Vevazz in Chicago, IL, which is an increasingly popular light therapy treatment for neuropathy that is natural and non-invasive. Some of its other primary advantages are that it’s painless, FDA-approved, and does not require recovery time.

If you are dealing with painful issues within your body and are considering seeing a professional for them, you may wonder whether you should go to a chiropractor. Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center offers Vevazz for those experiencing discomfort. We have helped many neuropathy sufferers get relief from their pain and achieve improved overall health. Here we have provided information about chiropractics and what exactly Vevazz therapy entails:

The Practice of Chiropractics

Many chiropractors run their private practices. Some are employed by the health system, working in orthopedics, physical therapy, and other similar departments. A chiropractor’s schooling is slightly shorter than the amount of time a medical doctor will spend in school. However, chiropractors must still dedicate four to five years in undergraduate studies with five years in chiropractic school. The practice of chiropractic can be appealing to patients who prefer a more alternative, non-invasive approach to pain relief.

What Chiropractors Can Do

Both chiropractors can treat a variety of issues. Chiropractors work on cartilage, bones, muscles, the nervous system, tendons, and ligaments. During adjustments, they are often focused on alleviating pain in the legs, hips, pelvis, neck, back, arm, and/or shoulder. Pain isn’t the only reason to see a chiropractor, as they can assist in preventative adjustments, constipation, unexplained discomfort in infants, and a range of other issues. Dr. Taylor at Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center can decide whether adjustments are right for a patient, or if receiving Vevazz in Chicago is the more appropriate treatment option.

What Neuropathy is About

When the body’s nerves are not functioning correctly in one of several ways, the condition is known as neuropathy. In most cases, it is an issue with the peripheral nerves rather than the nerves of the central nervous system. However, it can affect more than one type of nerve. Symptoms of neuropathy vary, depending on the type of nerves affected:

  • Autonomic nerves: these control the body’s internal system, such as the intestines, bladder, etc. When not functioning correctly, the autonomic nerves can change a person’s blood pressure and heart rate as well as cause sweating.
  • Sensory nerves: these control the body’s ability to experience the sensation. When not functioning correctly, the sensory nerves may cause numbness, weakness in the hands and feet, pain, and tingling.
  • Motor nerves: these provide body control over movement and force. When not functioning correctly, the motor news can cause weakness in the hands and feet.

When Vevazz Light Therapy is Recommended

Depending on the condition, Dr. Taylor may recommend a patient receives treatment in Chicago, IL, for Vevazz therapy. This treatment can increase microcirculation in the focused area to improve healing. It is critical for the tissue repair process, and pain control that an affected area receives increased oxygenation and an added supply of nutrients. This allows nerve tissue to repair itself and regrow.

Each treatment session typically lasts from seven to 14 minutes. Afterward, patients can continue their daily routine with no recovery time necessary. This makes Vevazz light therapy at Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center particularly convenient for patients, as they can seek treatment during their lunch hour or on their way home from work.

The Benefits of Vevazz Light Therapy

Vevazz light therapy at Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center has helped many patients get the relief they needed from neuropathy and related issues. After a comprehensive exam and review of your condition, our doctor can detail how this cutting edge treatment will benefit you. You might expect to enjoy one or more of the following after undergoing Vevazz in Illinois:

  • Increased level of sensation in the extremities such as toes and fingers.
  • Dramatic reduction of pain, leading to an increase in mobility and the ability to perform daily tasks that are mobility-intensive, leading to an improved quality of life.
  • Decrease the need for taking prescription pain medications and their resulting side effects.

A decrease in Need For Prescription Medication

Chiropractors focus on hands-on methods to relieve pain and suffering. In some instances, they may recommend an over the counter medication or cream. Most chiropractors do know different medications, so if they feel you could benefit from one, they can refer you to a medical doctor who can examine you to determine whether or not a prescription is in order. For many patients, the need for prescription pain medication is likely to decrease after receiving Vevazz therapy.

Contacting Our Wellness Center

If you feel a chiropractor can best help you with the issues you’re facing, know that Dr. Taylor is highly qualified and can help individuals with a range of health-related problems, including neuropathy-related issues. If you are suffering from neuropathy or nerve pain, contact us at Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center to schedule an appointment. You might be the right candidate for treatment. Call us today to learn for yourself how you can benefit from receiving Vevazz in Chicago, IL, for light therapy treatment.