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Weight Loss Therapist Chicago, IL

Help from a Weight Loss Therapist Chicago, IL Residents Trust for Success

Weight Loss Therapist Chicago, ILWeight gain is a serious issue for many Americans, which is why it helps to know about a weight loss therapist Chicago, IL residents rely on. In fact, almost one in three people in the U.S. is overweight, and one in five are obese. For many people who are trying to lose excessive weight, doing so can be difficult. Certainly, it is usually much easier to gain weight than to lose it. At Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, our weight loss therapist in Chicago, IL understands this. We can help you reduce your weight by using a combination of methods that are safe and do not require surgery or prescription medications.

The Nature of Weight Loss Therapy

When you begin working with a weight loss therapist for Chicago, IL from Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center one of initial tasks will be to set an optimum weight loss goal. It will also be important to define what you perceive as your current body image, and what you perceive your future body image may look like. Your views or perceptions may change over time as your weight loss therapy evolves. With the assistance of your weight loss therapist in Chicago, IL you can determine realistic weight loss goals for the short and long term that can help you achieve them rather than give up completely in frustration.

The Changes that Lead to Significant and Long Term Weight Loss

It can be difficult to achieve one’s long and short term weight loss goals with a support system in place. Your Chicago, IL weight loss therapist from Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center can provide you with the support you need from a clinical and practical perspective borne from years of training and experience. A successful weight loss strategy includes lifestyle changes that will prevent the weight from returning once one’s weight loss goal has been reached. This may or may not include ongoing sessions with a weight loss therapist. It will depend on the individual and they may not know if they need supplementary therapy support until after they have reached their weight loss and body image goals.

The Many Benefits of Working with a Weight Loss Therapist in Chicago, IL

Commercially available weight loss programs that are group-based or are conducted on one’s own do not meet the needs of everyone who wishes to reach their optimum weight goal and body image. Our weight loss therapist in Chicago, IL from Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center sees many patients who did not have any success with previous attempts to lose weight using various methods. It has only been with the help and guided support of a therapist that they achieved their short and long term goals.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

One approach that a therapist Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center may use to help patients lose weight is the use of cognitive behavioral therapy. Obesity can be induced by many factors, including stress, one or more eating disorders, and physiological conditions such as a thyroid condition. Once your weight loss therapist serving Chicago, IL determines the root cause or causes of your weight problem, it will be easier to facilitate an effective strategy. This will include an emphasis on proper nutrition, controlling caloric input, and creating opportunities to get sufficient exercise.

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