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There are many benefits for seniors to be able to age with grace and dignity within the comfort of their own home.  Growing older while living at home is a great option even when seniors are faced with a decline in cognitive or physical abilities. With a little help, aging in place is possible.

So, how does aging in place improve the quality of life for seniors?  Aging in place can help improve the quality of life for seniors by providing seniors with familiar surroundings, the feeling of an independent lifestyle, a safe environment, and long-term savings.

Familiar Surroundings:  We have all heard the expression “There’s no place like home”.  This saying rings true as we mature and are confronted by the challenges of growing older.  A family home and neighborhood provides seniors a sanctuary of comfort, happiness, familiarity and security.  When seniors move away from their home they must adjust to new surroundings and routines which can affect their physical and emotional wellbeing.  When seniors choose to age in place they do not have to adapt to a completely new environment while adjusting to a new standard of living. Aging in place with familiar surroundings can positively influence the quality of life in seniors.

Preserving Independence:  There comes a time in life when age related challenges begin to make activities of daily living more difficult for seniors.  When elderly adults move to senior living facilities they lose aspects of control over their independence because most of the decisions will be made for them.  They can be told when to eat, when to bathe, and even when to go to bed. However, when seniors age in place with a nursing agency like Expicare they are able to preserve their independence by maintaining control over their own needs.  Aging in place is possible with a supportive team of family, friends, and a professional caregiver. When seniors remain at home with care they are able to preserve their independence by keeping the control of their own schedule, hobbies, and life choices.

Physical Health and Safety:  There are studies that show seniors who live in an assisted living community tend to get sicker than those who choose to age in place.  Physical ailments like viral or bacterial infections are much higher for seniors who live in assisted living communities and nursing homes.  Seniors in these types of facilities are also confronted with depression at a greater rate than those who choose to remain at home with care.  When a senior chooses to age in place it directly impacts their quality of life which positively influences their physical health and safety.

Cost Comparison:  Assisted living communities and nursing facilities can easily cost over $70,000 per year.  When an aging senior chooses to age in place at home with certified nursing assistants Boynton Beach, FL offers to assist with their needs, they will not only see a big benefit to their savings but also a positive influence on their quality of life.


Thanks to Expicare Nursing Agency for their insight into home care and aging.