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If you’re suffering from neuropathy, or acute or chronic pain, you might want to consider laser therapy. Applied in a clinical setting by a medical professional, laser therapy can help eliminate pain and swelling and increase functionality in patients who suffer from acute and chronic conditions, such as arthritis or neuropathy.

At Taylor Rehab & Disc Injury Center, we are pleased to include laser therapy as one of our treatment options.

What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment option that uses light to stimulate and speed up your body’s natural healing process. The light triggers a series of biological events that increase cellular metabolism and decrease pain and inflammation.

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Together, an individually customized chiropractic program plus laser therapy can provide effective long-term pain relief for patients who suffer from spinal misalignments.

Laser therapy harnesses focused light for a strategic increase of blood flow to pain areas. It is a non-invasive, painless technique that helps relieve inflammation and facilitate healing without drugs or surgery in conditions such as arthritis, joint and back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition, LaserLikeLipo treatment is a non-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction. If you qualify, it is a painless way to help you lose fat from your hips, thighs, abdomen, and other areas with no pain or downtime. LaserLikeLipo uses red and near-infrared light to penetrate deep into your soft tissue, triggering cellular processes to break apart the fat cells.

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