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Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment in Chicago

black and white image of the underside of feet

With more than 20 million Americans affected by Peripheral Neuropathy, chances are you or your loved one may be suffering from this condition. Scientific advancements have contributed immensely to the understanding of the disease. These significant milestones have been realized towards the pursuit of new peripheral neuropathy treatment solutions and there is continuing research to…

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How Chiropractic Care Can Relieve Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

woman holding her foot who is suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

Did you know that more than 20 million Americans suffer from neuropathy? Simply, peripheral neuropathy is a condition where the peripheral nerves are diseased or damaged. The nerves form an intricate network from the brain and spinal cord, internal organs, and the skin.  Peripheral neuropathy pain is a sign of nerve injury (outside of the brain…

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Find Relief with Sciatica Treatment in Chicago

man suffering from sciatica pain

If you suffer from consistent lower back pain, know that you are not alone. 40% of all people in Chicago can expect to get sciatica at least once in their life. It feels like back pain, but the discomfort is more concentrated on the lower back and spreads to the hips and legs. Your feet…

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Health & Wellness Scholarship

Health & Wellness Scholarship, 2019   The team at Taylor Rehabilitation & Wellness Center is dedicated to helping people to feel better, and to be healthy and well without the use of drugs and surgery. We help people who suffer from chronic pain to achieve optimal health, using state-of-the-art, non-drug solutions. We take pride in…

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Back Pain Doctor There are many benefits for seniors to be able to age with grace and dignity within the comfort of their own home.  Growing older while living at home is a great option even when seniors are faced with a decline in cognitive or physical abilities. With a little help, aging in place…

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