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Best Back Pain Relief in Chicago

Finding the best back pain relief is a daily struggle for many Americans plagued by this seemingly benign condition. The spine is what allows you to turn, bend, and twist with ease.

Unfortunately, the functionality of this vital part of the body can be compromised by disease or injuries. Chronic back pains can make even the most basic movements seem difficult. Back pains cause the loss of an estimated 264 million work days every year.

While some of the back pains are minor, others are stubborn and require medical intervention. Continue reading to learn about the back pain treatment options provided by our Chicago back pain doctor.

What Causes Back Pains

The backbone consists of 24 bones stacked up in layers. It consists of discs, ligaments, and muscles in between each vertebra for support. Sudden movement, a fall, or heavy lifting can cause the muscles and ligaments to strain, causing muscle spasms.

This is what you feel as back pains. Some of the best back pain relief treatments target these tissues. Below are some of the common causes of back pains.

  • Arthritis– It causes the inflammation of one or multiples joints. There are different types of arthritis, depending on the cause. It can be caused by infections, wear and tear. Arthritis causes swelling in the joints and a reduced range of motion.
  • Osteoporosis–This condition causes the bones to become brittle and fragile. It occurs when the body cannot replace lost bone tissues adequately. Weakened body bones can quickly develop compression fractures and cause back pains.
  • Sciatica–This is characterized by pain radiating from the lower body and shoots down to the leg. Sciatica usually affects only half of the body. It is caused when a herniated disc presses against the nerves.
  • Spondylosis–This condition is caused by gradual wear and tear of the spine due to aging. The disc and joint degeneration can cause the growth of bone spurs. It results in the impairment of the spine movement, causing pain.
  • Spinal Stenosis– The narrowing of the spaces within the spine puts pressure on the spinal nerves. Spinal stenosis is a consequence of wear and tear and mainly occurs in the lower back area. Common symptoms include lower back pain, muscle weakness, and numbness.

Best Back Pain Relief Treatments

Non-surgical treatments are options for people looking for back pain relief but have reservations over surgical procedures or medications. These methods are beneficial and safe when performed by a licensed Chicago chiropractor. Here are the best upper and lower back pain treatment options offered at Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy refers to the process of kneading and rubbing the body muscles. Massage therapist services can provide back pain relief and heal back issues caused by a muscle strain. The affected back muscles are identified, and the pain is controlled at its source.

Massage therapy typically targets the two muscle groups in the back, known as quadratus and gluteus media. These muscles are responsible for the pains felt in the hips and the lower back.

How Massage Therapy Relieves Pain

There are different forms of massage techniques and target various muscle groups. The best back pain relief massage uses a combination of kneading, circular motions, and vibrations.

The massage therapist uses either hands or specialized equipment to rub and stroke the affected areas. Doing this increases blood flow to the tissues. Improved circulation boosts the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the deep-lying tissues.

The oxygen helps to remove accumulated acids and waste products, eliminating pain. Other benefits of massage therapy include muscle relaxation and easing stress. Schedule a massage therapy appointment today!

Laser Therapy Treatments

Laser therapy utilizes low-level radiation to stimulate biochemical processes. The process involves the use of a hand-held device over the affected area, and the emitted radiation penetrates the skin and reaches the deep tissues.

Cold laser therapy and high-power laser therapy are the two main classes of laser treatments available. The difference is the amount of light energy used. Laser therapy is considered one of the best back pain relief treatments since it addresses underlying issues.

How Laser Therapy Relieves Back Pain

Laser therapy alters biochemical processes and neurological responses that contribute to lower back pains. Low-level laser energy is preferred since it does not affect healthy cells.

Injured cells produce enzymes that boost the receipt of photons faster than healthier cells. Low light activates photoreceptors, such as cytochromes, flavins, and porphyrins.

The activation of these receptors improves the rate at which the information is transmitted to the cell’s DNA. The result is a faster healing process and enhanced cell regeneration.

Other benefits of laser treatment include:

  • Improved blood flow
  • Restores range of motion
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Improves vascular activity

All these factors combine to make laser therapy one of the best back pain relief options available. Schedule your laser therapy appointment today!

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy can be performed anywhere along the spinal column from the neck to the lower back. Our methods of spinal decompression are nonsurgical and safe for most individuals.

Spinal decompression is provided by a computer-controlled traction table is used to stretch the spine gently. Non-surgical spinal decompression can treat back-related problems, such as sciatica, herniated discs, and neck pains.

How Spinal Decompression Relieves Back Pain

The stretching of the spine during non-surgical spinal decompression changes the position of the spine. The negative pressure allows a bulging, slipped, or herniated discs to retract into the original post.

This treatment option provides long lasting relief since it helps alleviate the stress on the spinal discs and other structures in the spine. The reduced weight also allows nutrients, water, and oxygen to flow freely to the injured cells


The availability of these components helps the injured tissues to heal faster and relieve the pain. Schedule a spinal decompression appointment today!

Chiropractic Treatments

Studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments can provide lower back pain relief. It involves the application of a controlled force to the spinal joints. There are two main chiropractic adjustments used to treat back pains.

They are spinal manipulation or mobilization. Spinal manipulation refers to sudden and high-velocity thrusts to the affected vertebrae. It reduces pain, nerve irritability, and improves functionality. On the other hand, mobilization refers to the low-velocity manipulation of joints and muscles to increase the range motion.

How Chiropractic Treatments Relieve Back Pain

Chiropractic services and adjustments cause both biomechanical, physiological, and neurological changes within the spine. The adjustments reduce muscle stiffness and improve circulation.

The manipulation stimulates the spindle afferents. As a result, the volume and nature of information sent to the central nervous system improves. Another benefit of spinal manipulation is that it’s one the most helpful treatment options for lower back pain. According to a 2007 study, chronic adjustments relieved lower back pains that have lasted for four weeks or more.

Get the Best Back Pain Relief Today

Your search for back pain relief that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery has come to an end. The Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness Center caters to a growing number of back pain patients tired of all the complicated medicines and invasive procedures.

All our methods are safe and approved by the relevant bodies. Dr. Taylor Rehab is a certified member of the American Chiropractor Association. You couldn’t be in more reliable hands. Don’t let back pains bring you down. Book an appointment and find out why we are the best back pain relief center in Chicago.

Patient Testimonials
  • "I started seeing Dr. Taylor after a severe lower back injury. All I can say is Dr. Taylor and his staff were life savers. They do amazing work and very quickly were able to get me on the road to recovery. To make things even better, they expanded their practice and are now in an amazing new office in Skokie."

    - Jonathan J.
  • "From laser lipo to the best massage I've ever had Taylor rehab does it all! Thank you for being such a friendly welcoming staff! I have sent both my father (Spinal decompression/assessment) and mother (work injury rehabilitation through physical therapy) for treatment and I wouldn't trust anybody else! Thanks Kim and Doc for everything!"

    - Ashley X.
  • "Taylor Rehabilitation and wellness center is the best! The moment I walked in for the first time the atmosphere was well-being. I was greeted with a smile at every visit by the entire staff! Kim was amazing, Jasmine was outstanding, Margaret was so sweet and of course Dr. Taylor was phenomenal. Overall the entire staff is caring and compassionate. I highly recommend."

    - Aldria M.
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