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Sciatica Pain Treatment with Chiropractic Care

If you are looking for drug-free, non-surgical pain relief, then sciatica pain treatment is for you. It is estimated that up to 2.2% of the population suffers from sciatica every year.

Sciatica refers to pain that emanates from the lower back and travels along the legs. It causes numbness and may shoot down to your feet. Sciatica Pain Treatment & Diagnosis The pain is caused by compression of the sciatic nerve.

It may result from a herniated disc, narrowing of the spine, or a bone spur. The effects of sciatica vary from numbness in one leg to sharp pain. Fortunately, there are numerous effective treatments.

Sciatica pain treatment with chiropractic care is one of the most reliable options available. Here are some of the techniques you should explore.

Spinal Decompression for Sciatic Pain

Spinal decompression therapy can either be surgical or non-surgical. Chiropractic care only involves non-surgical, sciatica pain treatment. This form of therapy works by stretching the spinal column.

The stretching removes pressure from any herniated spinal discs. The negative pressure allows them to retract back into their proper position. As a result, it relieves the pain and discomfort caused by sciatica.

What to Expect

A typical spinal decompression process is straightforward. You lie face up, fully clothed on a computer-controlled bed. Your body is secured in place using a set of harnesses. One harness goes around your lower back in the pelvic area while the second one secures your torso. The traction table is then used to gently stretch the spine, releasing the pressure on the nerve.

The upper end of the traction table remains stationary as the lower part moves slowly and steadily. The motion is precise and is controlled by the computer. Each stretch is followed by relaxing.

The computerized system uses this to test the resistance of your spine. This inbuilt feature helps safeguard against spasms. The setting is adjusted to fit your lower back pain treatment plan.

Expect a typical session to last for between 20-30 minutes. For better results, patients must undergo several spinal decompression sessions. It works best when combined with other chiropractic services This process is not safe for everyone. Consult your doctor to determine your eligibility.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is the most used chiropractic adjustment. It frees any restrictive barriers that may cause pain. These adjustments free up the spine and realign displaced vertebral to their right position in the spinal column.

This alleviates the sciatica pain, inflammation, or any discomfort. Spinal manipulation is a safe and effective sciatica pain treatment. If done correctly, you should not experience any pain during the process and our Chicago chiropractor , Dr. Taylor, is the best at spinal manipulations.

What to Expect

Spinal manipulation is just one of 100 spinal adjustment techniques used by chiropractors. These methods vary depending on the velocity and the amount of force used.

Spinal manipulation involves the use of high velocity and low amplitude thrust. The chiropractor positions the patient in a specific pose and applies controlled and sudden force to joints.

It is common to hear a popping sound during the adjustment. This should not worry you; the pop means it’s working. But if it’s accompanied by pain, then speak up.

A study conducted in 2007 showed that spinal manipulation could alleviate chronic back pain that have been present for over four weeks. However, it is not safe for people suffering from stroke, osteoporosis, and spinal instability.

Massage Therapy for Sciatica Pain Treatment

Massage therapy is a beneficial sciatica pain treatment. The benefits depend on the type of massage performed.

Each target a different part, such as joints, muscles, deep tissue, or nerves. The common types of massage include hot stone, deep tissue, and neuromuscular massage. When done by a professional massage therapist, massage has a long list of benefits.

They include:

  • Improved blood flow
  • Releases pain-relieving endorphins.
  • Improves the quality of sleep.
  • Accelerates the healing process.

What to Expect

The first thing before any massage therapy is a brief interview about your health and what areas to avoid. Once your concerns have been cleared up, the therapist will leave the room to help you get comfortable.

You will then take the time to lie on the table and cover yourself with a towel or sheet. Only the area being worked on is left uncovered.

On your permission, the therapist will proceed to knead, stretch, roll, and rock your body until you feel much better. To get the best of the session, speak up if you don’t like anything.

The feedback helps the therapist adjust techniques for your benefit. At the end of the session, the therapist will once again leave you to dress. If you feel mild soreness after the session, don’t be alarmed. This is entirely normal and is caused by the pressure that was applied.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a relatively recent sciatica pain treatment. This form of treatment is safe and minimally invasive.

A laser is a light that has been amplified by stimulated radiation. As a result, they are capable of penetrating bodies tissues like an X-ray. The depth of penetration depends on the wavelength and the power of the laser.

Class 4 laser has enough power to relieve deep tissue pain. It is sometimes referred to as high power laser therapy. Laser therapy works by focusing all that energy on specific tissue.

This reduces the sensitivity of the nerves. Research has shown that laser stimulation of cells triggers the natural healing process. This helps in repairing damaged tissues.

What to Expect

The use of laser for sciatica pain treatment is entirely safe and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Before the therapy begins, you will have to fill standard patient consent forms. This will be followed by a health assessment to determine the level of pain. As a precaution, you must wear goggles to protect your eyes.

Once you are ready, the handheld treatment device is moved around the targeted area. It can be either on or just above the skin. At this point, you should expect to feel a warm sensation. It should stay at a comfortable temperature for the entire duration of the treatment.

If at any time things get too hot, please speak up. The whole process takes between 3-12 minutes, depending on the area to be covered. Once the therapy is complete, you undergo another round of pain assessment.

Most patients report immediate pain relief. However, it can take a few hours for other people. It is recommended that you stay hydrated after laser therapy. Since it a complimentary treatment, you should continue with other sciatica pain treatments as recommended by the professional.

Get the Best Sciatica Pain Treatment in Chicago, IL

Sciatica pain treatments with chiropractic care are non-surgical and drug-free. Like all other illnesses, the earlier sciatica is detected, the easier the sciatica treatment. If you are plagued by pain in the lower back, buttock area, or down your leg, you need to be diagnosed immediately.

At Taylor Rehabilitation and Wellness, we specialize in relieving chronic pain using state of the art solutions. These techniques have been perfected and are guaranteed to get you back on your feet in no time. Don’t let back pains stop you. Schedule an appointment for sciatica pain treatment today.

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  • "I started seeing Dr. Taylor after a severe lower back injury. All I can say is Dr. Taylor and his staff were life savers. They do amazing work and very quickly were able to get me on the road to recovery. To make things even better, they expanded their practice and are now in an amazing new office in Skokie."

    - Jonathan J.
  • "From laser lipo to the best massage I've ever had Taylor rehab does it all! Thank you for being such a friendly welcoming staff! I have sent both my father (Spinal decompression/assessment) and mother (work injury rehabilitation through physical therapy) for treatment and I wouldn't trust anybody else! Thanks Kim and Doc for everything!"

    - Ashley X.
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